Youth Hockey Programs

The Ottawa Senators® Hockey Programs youth skill development programs focus on individual skill development that will compliment each player’s team game. Our instructors use a progressive teaching methodology covering skating, stick-handling, shooting, puck protection, and many other dynamic hockey skills. Players will benefit immensely from our drills which they will find challenging and which will help push them to the next level.

Pro-rated sessions and a limited number of drop- in arrangements are available. Please email us at [email protected] for details and options.


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Introduce your son or daughter to Canada’s favorite game, in a fun, supportive environment under the watchful eye of our best Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs instructors.

Sessions continue: Richcraft Sensplex – MON & TUES


The IP Fundamental Skills program is dedicated to teaching the foundational skills needed by all hockey players, in a once-per-week format designed to supplement their minor hockey program as an IP or Junior Fundamentals player.

Sessions continue: Richcraft Sensplex – MON & TUES


Develop the ability to shoot with accuracy, quickness and power, the confidence to maintain and control the puck in every game situation, and the stick-handling techniques needed to take your game to the next​ level. This program is open to players of all abilities.

Sessions continue: Richcraft Sensplex – MON


The Performance & Power Skating program is designed to push participants to become more efficient and powerful skaters. It will include lessons on forward and backwards stride, starts & stops, crossovers, tight turns and overall lateral mobility. This program is open to players of all abilities.

Sessions continue: Bell Sensplex – MON / Richcraft Sensplex – TUES

GOALIE ACADEMY powered by Goalie Performance Center

A low goalie to coach ratio to maximize training time and feedback. These smaller groups also allow us to create weekly development plans for each goalie’s specific needs. Development plans are based on Hockey Canada, Finland, and Sweden’s goalie development models with a special emphasis on mobility, balance, edge control, agility, tracking, active stick, active hands, and post play.

Sessions continue: Bell Sensplex – MON / Richcraft Sensplex – MON & TUES


Ottawa Senators® Hockey Programs offers association and team skill development sessions led by our team of advanced instructors. We work closely with association executives and coaches to create plans for specialized skill development. Click for more information or inquire directly with us at [email protected]


Looking for a spring hockey team for your son or daughter? We’ve got one for you! The Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs are proud to present a spring hockey program like no other which combine weekly skill development, team practices, free flowing league games, and the very best spring tournaments or AAA leagues available in our region. 

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CoachThem is the official practice planning and drill design software of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs.