The ultimate advanced skill development stream for competitive-minded advanced 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 born players.

Program Overview

The Little Sens Selects (LSS) is an 8-week advanced development program for top level U7, U8, U9, & U10 players (2011 to 2014 – grouped by age and ability). They must already have been registered with a minor hockey association this season and classified as being in the top 20% of players at their age group (for U10 Rep A & B players only). This program is for players and parents who are competitive-minded and want more. This will give them professional skill development and coaching on and off the ice to help set them on a path for elite performance. They will not only be pushed through advanced skill development on the ice, but taught important concepts usually reserved for higher levels, and what it means to be “coachable”, a great teammate, and a player who will develop faster by being a better practice player. Their skill development will be complemented by participating every second week in fun and extremely beneficial LSS “game days” where they will spend time scrimmaging in three different sized ice surfaces (divided using padded rink-dividers for clear definition).

Having players compete is a key component of this program which helps to reinforce high performance habits and giving maximum effort at all times. Should COVID-19 restrictions ever prohibit scrimmaging or game situations, they will be replaced with additional advanced skill development and competition drills.

Note that this program is exclusively for players already registered to Hockey Canada sanctioned associations and is intended to serve as supplemental development for advanced players only. No player may choose to be a member of the LSS development program instead of regular sanctioned minor hockey. Due to the competitive nature of this program, players are subject to review.


  • 2011 (U10) players must be playing either Tier I (competitive A) or II (competitive B) hockey or have been named to an SSHD AAA team for the 2021 season
  • 2012 (U9) players must be playing either Tier I (competitive) or II (‘A’) hockey or have been named to an SSHD AAA team for the 2021 season
  • 2013 (U8) players must be playing either Tier I (competitive) or II (‘A’) hockey or have been named to an SSHD AAA team for the 2021 season
  • 2014 (U7) players must be amongst the top 20% of players in their association’s Initiation (or Jr Fundamentals) program or have been named to an SSHD AAA team for the 2021 season
    • Players will be divided into groups based on age and skill level at the sole discretion of the Little Sens Selects coaches.

Details & Schedule

This program is currently not running, stay tuned for future dates!

Program Features

  • 7 hours of on-ice skill development feat. a minimum of three skills-only development sessions and three game days (game days will begin with skills and move into three mini games). The seventh session topic will be determined at the discretion of the hockey staff.
  • 2 virtual classroom sessions focusing on keys to successful play at all levels, proper hockey habits (high performance habits), and more.
  • Goaltenders will receive instruction from lead Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs goalie instructors at the four skill development sessions for a reduced cost (exceptional value).
  • Little Sens Selects jersey and socks.
  • All program events conveniently held Sunday late afternoons/early evenings at the Bell Sensplex to avoid most conflicts with existing minor hockey schedules. Players are encouraged to not miss their own minor hockey team events should they have the occasional conflict with the LSS program. The LSS program is expected to be a player’s second hockey of the day on Sundays.

Developing the Spirit of a Senator

Over the 8 weeks the Little Sens Selects (LSS) program will focus on identifying and developing the five (5) foundational pillars of a high performing player. Each on and off-ice session will afford players the opportunity to work with professional development coaches in order to develop the skills and traits required to excel at the top level. The two LSS virtual classroom sessions will feature a combination of video and coach-led conversations focused on two major themes; High Performance Habits and Game Concepts.

The Five (5) Pillars of a High Performing Player

1. Competitive Spirit

  • The Foundation that fuels success in a hockey player.
  • E.g., Next effort plays, 1-on-1 battles, net front and wall plays, puck and player tracking

2. Functional Intelligence

  • The ability to read the play and always make an impact.
  • E.g., Your decision with and without the puck, situational awareness.

3. Puck Possession Skills

Puck DeceptionPuck ManagementQuick Shot Release
Carry With SpeedPassingShot Mentality
Puck ProtectionPass ReceptionFind Shooting Lane
Driving the NetCreativityBeing An Option

4. The Ability to Skate

Strong on FeetStability
Transition & PivotsQuick Feet
Change of DirectionEvasive Turns

5. The Ability to Check

AnglingControlled Skating
Stick on PuckTracking
Defensive SideTransition
FrontingBoxing Out
Gap ControlCommunication


As a result of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the Sensplex facilities have instituted specific COVID-19 protocols to be followed by all participants and spectators. Please click here to see a list of new protocols.

Refund Policy: Read our Refund & Cancellation Policy.

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