An advanced and rigorous program featuring high-tempo ice sessions packed with station work to hone skills through error detection and correction, and flow drills to get players in mid-season shape. Designed to push elite-level players to their limits.

The Atom Elite Camp will feature the following:

  • Three hours of daily on-ice skill development, in a full-day camp format.
  • A great opportunity to get the edge for upcoming try-outs.
  • On-ice sessions will push players to sharpen elite-level skating technique and explosive power. Stations will include work on full-stride extension, recovery, balance, pivots, crossovers, tight turns, backwards skating, agility, and stops, as well as shooting, puck control, and other essential hockey skills.
  • Drills will push skaters outside their comfort zones into challenging body, skate, and stick positions to replicate game situations. Concepts introduced will include under handling, puck protection, off-balance shooting, and more.
  • Intense daily off-ice training with elite-level instructors from FitQuest(Bell Sensplex) or Titan Performance Center (Richcraft Sensplex), with a focus on building explosive strength, flexibility, overall athleticism, conditioning and agility, and teaching players how to train during the season ahead.
  • Goalies will receive teaching from qualified instructors on the technical aspect of goaltending for the first third of the ice sessions before being involved in drills and stations run with live shooters.

Please note that we will have at least one bilingual instructor with each camp group at the Richcraft Sensplex to accommodate all participants. 

To protect the competitive nature of this camp, applications are subject to review. Restricted to players who played at the Tier I or II (co-ed) or Tier I (girls) levels of competitive hockey during the 2019-20 season (Minor Atom = Competitive A or B players. Major Atom & Minor Peewee = Competitive AA or A players).

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