Develop the skills, tactics, and confidence needed to compete hard on every shift, in all areas of the ice. Includes instruction designed to help players understand their strengths & weaknesses, win battles, improve their body positioning, and increase their competitiveness.

The Compete Camp & Girls Only Compete Camp will feature the following:

  • Three hours of daily on-ice skill development including station work, game situation drills, and competitions designed to increase competitiveness in every aspect of the game.
  • Development will focus on quickness, body positioning and stance, winning foot races, puck protection, forcing turnovers, balance, and being strong on the puck.
  • On and off-ice baseline testing will provide each player with a personalized report outlining how they compare to their peers in key skating and conditioning metrics.
  • Off-ice activities will include conditioning sessions led by expert instructors from FitQuest(Bell Sensplex) or Titan Performance Center (Richcraft Sensplex), as well as competitive games and challenges.
  • Players in the Girls Only Compete will take part in separate activities off-ice and will be integrated in some co-ed on-ice activities at the discretion of our lead instructors.

Please note that we will have at least one bilingual instructor with each camp group at the Richcraft Sensplex to accommodate all participants. 

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