We are pleased to present the Senators Spring AAA Hockey Development management, coaching, and administrative staff for the 2021 season.

Club Management

SSHD AAA Club Director: Andy Bryan

SSHD AAA Club Head Coach & Coach Mentor: Hanna Turpeinen

SSHD AAA Head Coach & Senior Player Development Specialist: Julie Knerr

SSHD AAA Head Goaltending Coach: Dave Stathos

SSHD AAA Head Hockey Instructor: Michael “Xhiggy” Xhignesse

SSHD AAA Club Manager:
Trevor Boyd

SSHD AAA Club Coordinator (Richcraft Sensplex):
Kaylee Press

2021 Team Head Coaches

Please note that ALL teams will be coached regularly by Hanna Turpeinen (Club Head Coach & Head of Hockey Devt), Michael Xhignesse (Lead Skills Instructor), Julie Knerr (Head Hockey Instructor & Sr Player Development Specialist) and other head instructors from the Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs team. The coaches listed below will serve as Team Head Coaches under the direction of the Club Director and Club Head Coach, during tournaments, exhibition games, and team-based tactical practices to ensure organizational consistency. They will also be responsible for the administration of many program details including being the primary contact for parents at each level for hockey content related matters.

U7 (2014): Michael Xhignesse
U8 (2013): Michael Xhignesse
U9 (2012) Black: Sarah Olivier
U9 (2012) Red: Michael Xhignesse
U10 (2011) Red: Dominic Rollin
U10 (2011) Black: Ryan Couch
U11 (2010) White: Tony Ricciuti
U11 (2010) Red: Michael Xhignesse
U11 (2010) Elite Black: Jared Hebbs
U12 (2009) Black: Hanna-Riikka Turpeinen
U12 (2009) Red: Blair Supryka
U13 (2008) Elite White (then Gold): Dana Mulvihill
U13 (2008) Elite Red (then Black): Hanna-Riikka Turpeinen
U14 (2007): Hanna-Riikka Turpeinen
U15 (2006): Julie Knerr
Girls Elite U13: Julie Knerr & Hanna-Riikka Turpeinen
Girls Elite U15: Julie Knerr & Hanna-Riikka Turpeinen

Coaches are subject to change as the season nears and progresses, at the discretion of Club Management while ensuring nothing but the absolute best staff at each level.