• Elite Level OSHP Program
  • Intended for top tier players only. All registrations are subject to review to protect the advanced nature of this program.
  • Advanced skill development in an uptempo and challenging environment lead by only top calibre OSHP instructors
  • Four exclusive high calibre sessions
    • 2010/2011 – Monday/Wednesday Group 1
    • 2008/2009 – Monday/Wednesday Group 2
    • 2007/2008 – Tuesday/Thursday Group 1
    • 2004 to 2007 – Tuesday/Thursday Group 2
    • Women’s U15/U18/Junior – Monday/Wednesday Group 1
    • 2007 to 2009 Tier I Girls – Monday/Wednesday Group 2
  • July & August will each feature eight x 80-minute ice sessions featuring a combination of full-ice, high tempo flow drills, along with station work with a focus on individual skills which translate to enhanced game performance. Additional curriculum details below.
  • Sessions will be limited to a maximum of 12 players featuring a 4:1 player to instructor ratio.
  • Program will run throughout August. Registration today is for the eight August sessions only. (July sessions have already all filled and been paid for)
  • Significant COVID-19 protocols will be followed for all players and coaches, and ALL sessions will be designed to ensure 100% physical distancing requirements are met.
  • Cost: $1,284.00


High Performance Program Schedule (July)

High Performance Program Schedule (August)

  • Execution with Pace
  • Elite-level Skating: Edges, Stride, Explosiveness, Transitions, Overspeed Skating
  • Shooting and Scoring: Shot Selection, Off-balance shooting, Shooting in stride, Quick release-shooting
  • Passing and Receiving
  • Puck handling and puck protection
  • Proper body, skate and stick positions
  • Playing in Tight Spaces: Puck Protection – Creating Separation – Proper use of Edges – Change of Pace
  • Evasive Moves and Deception
  • Seams: Skating, passing and receiving
  • And more


As a result of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the Sensplex facilities have instituted specific COVID-19 protocols to be followed by all participants and spectators. Please click here to see a list of new protocols.

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