• Elite level OSHP Program intended for COMPETITIVE PLAYERS ONLY. All registrations are subject to review by the Director of Hockey Programs and Head of Hockey Development to protect the elite nature of this program.
  • Advanced skill development in an up-tempo and challenging environment led by top caliber OSHP instructors.
  • Two exclusive high caliber sessions
  • This program will feature 16 x 1.5 hours ice sessions featuring a combination of full-ice, high tempo flow drills, along with station work with a focus on individual skills which translate to enhanced game performance. Additional curriculum details below.
  • Sessions will operate with a maximum of 20 players, primarily featuring a 4:1 player to instructor ratio, unless a specific session plan has different requirements.
  • Program will run throughout July and August.
  • Cost: $50/hour ($75 per session); Goalies are half-price as there will be no specific goaltending instruction.


BELL Sensplex


  • 2008 & 2009 (Monday/Wednesday) — CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!
    • July 13, August 3, 5*, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24
    • *Session on August 5 will take place on Friday afternoon.
  • Execution with pace
  • Elite level skating: forwards stride, backwards stride, starts, stops, lateral mobility, cross-overs, cross-unders, quick feet
  • Edge work: increasing balance, agility, and stride efficiency
  • Advanced shooting: quick release, off-balance, forehand and backhand, and more
  • Puck control: open-ice, tight spaces, advanced skill handling maneuvres
  • Proper body, skate and stick positions

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