Get summer started right with a one-day, fun tournament hosted at the Richcraft Sensplex! The Summer Breakaway Tournament presented by the Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs features hockey the way it is meant to be played, free-flowing and with limited whistles. Find 6 skaters and a goalie, then register – it is that simple!


Date Saturday, June 13, 2020
Cost $385 per team
Roster Size 7 (six skaters & one goalie)


  • A minimum of four (4) 30-minute cross-ice games.
  • Ottawa Senators Youth League staff facilitating all games.
  • Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs themed participant gift for all players.
  • Championship prizing at all levels

Divisions Offered:

  • Initiation: 2013-2014
  • Novice Recreational: 2011-2012 (Mostly Tier III and IV players)
  • Novice Advanced: 2011-2012 (Mostly Tier I and II players)
  • Atom Recreational: 2009-2010 (average roster consists of players playing house league)
  • Atom Competitive: 2009-2010 (average roster consists of players playing competitive)
  • Peewee Recreational: 2007-2008 (average roster consists of players playing house league)
  • Bantam Recreational: 2005-2006 (average roster consists of players playing house league)


Playing Rules

  1. Playing rules will be those standard within the game of Hockey, except as noted below.
  2. Neck guards and full equipment is mandatory. Mouth guards are strongly recommended.
  3. If a goal is scored or the goalie freezes the puck, the whistle will blow and a change of possession occurs. The scoring team must back off and allow defenders to start a break out.When a “change of possession” occurs: All players of the opposing team must back off far enough to allow a member of the non‐offending team to begin a fresh play with the puck. If the players with control do not attempt a break out within five seconds, the defending team may attack.
  4. All divisions are body contact ONLY (for clarification purposes). Body checking is NOT allowed. Indirect Contact is allowed (no direct contact). No contact is permitted when moving in opposite direction from the player.
  5. Due to the cross-ice format, slapshots are NOT permitted in the tournament. A slap-shot will result in a change of possession. Slapshots are consider shots where the stick raises above the waist.
  6. Games will consist of 1 x 22 minute running‐time period, with a two minute warm‐up to start.
  7. NO time‐outs are permitted at any time.
  8. When the buzzer sounds to indicate a line change (every one minute and thirty seconds) the puck is considered dead. This means that any goals scored after the buzzer will not count. The players must change and a new set of players must enter the playing surface.NOTE: the facilitator must touch the puck after the buzzer (allowing him/her to put the puck “back into play” after the line change is completed). Players are not allowed to come off the bench and take control of the dead puck before the facilitator has had time to retrieve it.
  9. Players may also change on the fly.


  1. Penalty Shots ‐‐‐ wherever possible, the player fouled should take the penalty shot.
  2. All Minors ‐‐‐ penalty shot is awarded. The puck placed in the centre of the rink and the attacker should move quickly to make the shot. Players from the defending team must back away to allow an undefended shot on the goaltender. The puck is dead after the player has taken a shot towards the net. Once the shot has been taken, a change of possession occurs and the defending team will be allowed to break out.
  3. Majors ‐‐‐ misconducts & hitting from behind: The player will be suspended from the game and may be subject to further discipline (suspension, or ejection from tournament). Penalty shot awarded.
  4. Intent to injure and fighting: Suspension from the remainder of the tournament. Penalty shot awarded.
  5. Co‐incidental penalties: Both players will be sent off the ice. No penalty shot(s) awarded to either team.
  6. Goalies ‐‐‐ Cannot freeze the puck outside of the “crease area.” If so, it is a minor penalty (penalty shot).

Not able to make this tournament? We are excited host the Spring Breakaway Tournament at the Bell Sensplex on Saturday, March 14, 2020.

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