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The Ottawa Senators® Hockey Programs are dedicated to continuing to provide the local hockey community with skill development programs that will compliment each player. It is for this exact reason that we have decided to introduce a 2 day camp intended for players looking to develop new skills and enhance their current skillset! Our Recreational Specialty Clinics will take place at the Richcraft Sensplex during the first two days of the Summer. Players will be able to select 1 or 2 days worth of the clinics, with each day bringing new skills/techniques taught to participants. Join our professionally-trained development staff on the ice for sessions that are specifically designed to improve individual skills that all participants need to take their game to the next level. See below for more information about the types of clinics and where to register!

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On each day, 2 clinics will be offered within the 90 min ice time. Day 1 (July 2nd) will consist of a defensive styled session with the Essential Defensive Skills and Angling and Stick Checking being offered. On Day 2 July 3rd), an offensive styled session will be offered with Creating Time and Space and In-Tight Scoring offered. Choose between one day or both! See below to register…

LocationDateTimeBirth YearsCostRegistration Link
Richcraft SensplexWEEK 1- July 2 & 39:00am2013-2016$120CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Richcraft SensplexWEEK 1- July 2 & 310:30am2009-2012$120CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Skill Level Requirements: This camp is open to players of all skill levels. Players must be able to stand and propel themselves around the ice on their own.

Program Descriptions:

Essential Defensive Skills: Offered on July 2nd

The ability for a defenseman or defensive forward to retrieve pucks, control the puck while skating backwards, and always shooting with a purpose, is integral for their position. This specialty session will increase the players comfortability with these skills and provide elite tips and suggestions to improve their overall defensive game. The following are the primary skills that will be focused on:

– Offensive and defensive retrievals
– Getting off the walls fast
– Situational awareness when retrieving (Shoulder checks, head on a swivel)
– Timing / Maintaining footspeed
– Shooting with eyes up and with a purpose
– Skating backwards while controlling a puck

Angling & Stick Checking: Offered on July 2nd

No matter what level of hockey you play, one of the greatest skills to perfect is angling. Being able to angle and separate player from puck, can be the difference between you and another player, making the higher levels. The following are the primary skills that will be focused on:

– Proper angling techniques & purpose of angling
– Matching the speed of the puck carrier
– Understanding closing the gap and limiting time and space
– Driving through the hands and stick for separation

In-Tight Scoring: Offered on July 3rd

Scoring goals only becomes more difficult as you progress through the ranks. Most goals are scored within the blue paint or within small windows in the slot. This session will focus on increasing scoring IQ close to the net, adjusting positioning for rebounds, and working on quick release shooting. The following are the primary skills that will be focused on:

– Scoring in-tight to the net both above and below the goal line
– Quick release shooting in the slot
– Understanding reads / goalie positioning
– Adjusting body & stick positioning when recovering rebounds
– Creating space around the net to increase scoring chances
– Locating and settling bouncing pucks

Creating Time & Space: Offered on July 3rd

This program focuses on giving skaters the tools to create their own time and space by working on cutbacks, delays, and protecting the puck in tight spaces. Skaters will do this at a game like pace to increase their recognition of these opportunities come game time.

Please note that we will have at least one bilingual instructor with each camp group at the Richcraft Sensplex to accommodate all participants.

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