No Ice? No problem!

OSHP At-Home Goalie Skills is a brand new ONLINE skill development program which will not only help each goalie stay sharp, but actually improving while they are at home. Our experienced and attentive lead goalie consultant will provide 35 minutes of instruction including direct coaching and feedback while players are put through a series of drills each session. This IS NOT like many at-home sessions flooded with participants who watch a screen the way they would a YouTube clip. Appropriate ratios will be maintained and the coach will focus on error detection and correction, and providing positive reinforcement.
Sessions will focus on those skills most conducive to at-home improvement; hand-eye coordination, balance, stretching techniques, and more. Progressions will be done each week which are age appropriate and challenging for each level.

Why 35 minutes vs a traditional 50-minute development session?
The answer is simple. In an at-home environment where players are in a set location, 35-minutes allows more than enough time for advanced OSHP instructors to provide valuable coaching AND adequate time for player repetitions, while also maintaining the focus, attention, and energy of all participants. Coaches do not have to worry about all of the distractions that come in larger group settings, or dealing with the vast space that is in play for on-ice development, meaning players spend more time learning and practicing while getting just as much instruction.


  • Ages: TBD
  • Cost: TBD
  • Skill Level Requirements: This program is open to goalies of all skill levels.


This program is currently not running, stay tuned for future dates!


It is recommended that all participants have an 10′ x 10′ space or greater to take part in online at-home sessions. Individual equipment needed for each session will be communicated ahead of time, but will include at a minimum: Goalie stick, 2-4 balls, pylons/pucks to use as obstacles. An area about 10′ x 10′ and preferably a wall to bounce the balls off of and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Players will use Zoom online meetings to take part in each session and are encouraged to have a large screen that a smart phone, i-Pod, i-Pad can be cast upon.


Please email [email protected] for more information regarding this program. E-mails with scheduling and general information go out at least 24 hours prior to each session.

Registration Link: Click here to register for the OSHP At-Home Goalie Skills

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