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Bell Sensplex (WEST)Sept 29, 2021 – April, 2022MEN’S 18+
MEN’S 35+
Richcraft Sensplex (EAST)Sept 29, 2021 – April, 2022East League is SOLD OUT

Dates and Schedule

  • Season Dates: The 2021-22 Winter season will begin September 29th, and run until April
  • Teams will play 25 games this season (more than in recent seasons, for all those teams who are itching to get back onto the ice after a missed season!)
    • 4 Exhibition Games
    • 17 Regular Season Games
    • 4 Playoff Games (minimum – with more playoff games possible for teams advancing)
  • Games will be played on Sunday – Thursday nights. New for this season, teams will play up to two games on Friday and/or Saturday. Games on Friday will not start after 10:30pm, and games on Saturday will start between 12:00pm and 9:30pm. This is allowing the league to expand to 25 games, but freeze costs based on a 23 game season.

Vaccination Rule

In order to provide the safest environment as possible for all players in the OSAHL, all players will be required to be fully vaccinated to play in the league. Players will be required to provide proof of vaccination prior to the league’s first game. Final details on how this proof will be provided will be announced soon.


  • Team Registration fees are based on a 23 game season, with 2 games being added for free, to allow for a 25 game season!
    • Option 1 (Pay in Full) – $6,800.00 (including HST)
      • $500 deposit (due at registration)
      • $6,300 final payment (due Oct 1)
    • Option 2 (Pay in 2 Installments) – $6,900.00 (including HST)
      • $500 deposit (due at registration)
      • $3,200 installment 1 (due Oct 1)
      • $3,200 installment 2 (due Dec 1)
    • $150 Team Bond
      • Required for all new teams or returning teams that do not have a qualifying bond from a previous season 
  • The cost for an individual to sign up is $550, which is a one-time payment. While we anticipate forming teams of individual players, should there not be enough individuals to form a team, we will refund all fees paid in full.


  • 5-on-5 hockey with potential COVID-19. rule modifications. More information on final league rules will be available prior to the start of the season, when more information is available from our provincial government.
  • Roster Rules: There will be no limit on a roster sizes, or on the use of spares, beyond the usual OSAHL rules. There are no special roster rules in place because of COVID-19.
  • Game length
    • 2 minute warm up
    • 2 – 23 minute run time periods 
    • 1 minute half time

Divisions and Seeding

  • Co-Ed 18+ teams must include players only over 18 years of age.
  • Co-Ed 35+ teams must include players over 35 years of age, with the following exceptions
    • Goalies must be over 30 years of age.
    • One spare player per game under 35 (but over 30) may be used, as long as they are consistent with the calibre of team and division in which they are playing.
  • Women’s teams must feature female players
  • Prior to season start, teams will be placed in divisions based on past seasons, and current rosters. There will be multiple divisions based on skill for each sub-division above (Co-Ed 18+, Co-Ed 35+, and Women’s). After the exhibition season, divisions may be modified should exhibition results make this necessary. 

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