Hobbins Hockey Shop – Bell Sensplex

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The HOBBINS Hockey Shop focuses on Skate Sharpening first and foremost with all of your Hockey Accessories needs available and IN COLOUR. From skate laces, to skate guards, to hockey tape scissors and toques – WE HAVE IT. Come in and see our AMAZING Tape Wall, but don’t stop there make sure you get fitted for our Funky Don Cherry like Suits available in kid and adult sizes. We also offer 2 NEW things:

1- Custom Hoodies or Tees while you wait for your skates

2- Exclusive TSN Jay & Dan merchandise.

We are a local Family based operation and are PROUD to provide hockey players and parents a nice escape while you get your skates sharpened come in and see us.

Pro Shop Hours:

Monday – Friday — 4pm-10pm

Saturday — 8am-10pm 

Sunday — 9am-5pm

Bytown Royals Pro Shop – Richcraft Sensplex


Mike Danis 613-983-7841

Julie Danis 613-986-7841

[email protected] 

Pro Shop Hours:

Monday – Friday — 17:30-21:30 *** We are open daytime on Friday’s that Richcraft has tournament from 9:00 to 21:30.

Saturday — 8:00-21:30 

Sunday — 8:00-21:30 

If closed please text “Skate Sharpening” to 613-282-0676. If I am close to arena I will come sharpen skates.