CEPEO – Official Education Partner

Date: Saturday, March 22, 2025

Category: IP – Initiation: All Levels

Cost: $610 (tax included)

The Ottawa Senators and the Richcraft Sensplex are proud to present this fun-filled weekend for initiation-aged players and their families, at our state-of-the-art four-pad facility. All participants will receive a CHAMPIONS medal.

Bring your players and their families out to enjoy some fun hockey in a warm and inviting environment and a day that will be a truly memorable experience for all!

HEO Minor Sanction #

Important Notes:

One Qualified IP Instructor from each team will be expected to take to the ice in order to help Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs staff organize the split-ice scrimmages. If instructors are unavailable, please let us know as soon as possible.

The standard for IP Fun Days is for teams to play without goaltenders. Teams that wish to dress goalies should have equipment ready and consult with their scrimmaging partner prior to the game. If both teams do not have a goaltender in full equipment, neither team will be permitted to dress a goaltender. (Efforts will be made to match teams with goaltenders.)

Please note that parking at the Sensplex will be limited, as participation at this event may exceed our parking lot capacity. As a result, carpooling with any visiting family members is STRONGLY encouraged. Your cooperation is much appreciated!


All teams will participate in 2 x 1 hour scrimmages played on half-ice using our professional cushioned ice dividers. No score will be kept, as this event uses an ALL winners NO losers philosophy. One qualified IP instructor/coach should take to the ice with each team to help facilitate each scrimmage. A line change buzzer will sound to regular shift length for each team.


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