January 27 2022 – January 29 2022


Competitive Girls – U9 (2014-15); U11 (2012-11) AA, A, B, C; U13 (2010-11) AA, A, BB, B, C; U15 (2008-09) A, BB, B, C & U18 (2005-07) A, BB, B hosted by the Nepean Girls Hockey Association, in conjunction with the Bell Sensplex

Most games will be played at the state-of-the-art 4 pad Bell Sensplex (with 3 NHL, and 1 International sized rinks). Teams will also play at the Richcraft Sensplex, the Cavanagh Sensplex and other city of Ottawa facilities.


  • Prizing for all Champions & Finalists
  • Awards ceremony following EVERY game for “Player of the Game” selections from both teams
  • Great competition
  • Best facility anywhere for tournaments
  • Fantastic hotels, shopping and amenities within 3 minutes of Tournament Headquarters
  • Exclusive Access to Ottawa Senators tickets, subject to the NHL schedule
  • Returning after great reviews – Sensplex Tournaments is pleased to continue our partnership with HockeyTV. HockeyTV is a subscription based service that broadcasts all games played at the Bell and Richcraft Sensplex both live and on-demand. 

Come to the nation’s capital to enjoy a great tournament based at the region’s top facilities, during one of the best times of year to visit Ottawa!

HTG Sports is the exclusive travel partner for all tournaments hosted by Sensplex Tournaments. Booking with them is a condition of acceptance for all out of town teams. Accommodations for all events will be arranged on your behalf by Kelly Hudson at [email protected] or 1-800-668-5596 . This will offer your team the lowest rates on a FULL range of area hotels!

All teams must be prepared to start as early as 8 a.m. on Friday, January 27th.


U9, U11 A,B,C: $1274.34 + HST ($1440.00 Total)

U11 AA: $1327.43 + HST ($1500.00 Total)

U13 AA; U15 BB, B, C: $1376.11 + HST ($1555.00 Total)

U13 A, BB, B, C: $1296.47 + HST ($1465.00 Total)

U15 A, U18 A: $1575.22 + HST ($1780.00 Total)

U18 BB, B: $1384.96 + HST ($1565.00 Total)

All level teams will play a four (4) game minimum, other than U9 which will have five ice touches through scrimmages with no scores kept and skills competitions where champs will be named!

OWHA Sanction # 



Teams will play 4 round-robin games followed by playoffs, OR 3 round-robin games followed by a guaranteed playoff or consolation game, pending the format of their division. U9 Format details below. For more tournament information, please email [email protected].

The U9 (2014-15) jamboree portion of the tournament will feature a combination of full-ice scrimmage style games, with no score kept, as well as competitive skills competitions. Teams will enjoy a combined total of 5 ice times at this event.

Period Lengths:

U11 (AA/A/B/C), U13 (BB/B/C), U15 (BB/B/C) and U18 (BB/B): Games will consist of 2 x 10, 1 x 12 stop-time periods 

U13 (AA), U15 (A) & U18 (A): Games will consist of 3 x 12 minute stop-time periods 

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