Ottawa Senators 4-on-4 is back for our best season yet!

This program showcases fun and free-flowing hockey, without stoppages, face-offs, or coaches. Participants can expect 22 fast-paced scrimmages, music during all games, and a Senators youth league jersey. 

The goal of the program is to encourage creativity and give each player time to develop new skills, in an atmosphere that prioritizes fun. Each year, parents say this was THE MOST FUN season of hockey for their child.

The program will start at the beginning of July and run until the end of August, with each child playing 11 game days of 2 games each (22 games total) and also participate in a fun bracket styled playoff to finish the season!

Calling all GOALIES! We have lowered the cost of goalie registrations by over $40 to just $290! All registered full-time goalies will receive 100% of their teams playing time plus priority access to spare for other teams within their division and age group!

Can’t commit to the full season but still interested in making some saves? We have introduced a Spare Goalie option for you to sign up for! For just a $30 deposit, you will join our Spare Goalie list for your age group and we will only keep your deposit if you play 2 game days worth of ice time (approx. 2 hours). Anything less, and you will get all or half of your deposit back!

PLEASE NOTE: Registration links can be found at the bottom of this page. We strongly recommend registrants read about our league details and policy prior to enrollment!


Birth Years2005-2015
CostSkaters- $334 (Total Program Cost)
Goalies- $290 (Total Program Cost)
Spare Goalies- $30 (See description above)
LocationsBell Sensplex – Co-ed Divisions Available
Richcraft Sensplex – Co-ed Divisions Available


  • Participants will play 22 scrimmages , each 24 minutes in length (2 min warmup, 22 min game length)
  • More convenient than ever for parents!
    • Online schedules published directly to mobile devices through TeamSnap app
    • Set game days for most divisions (will almost always take place once a week)
  • Body checking is NOT permitted at any level
  • Zero coaching to maximize player creativity (Maximum 2 parents are allowed on the bench to help with game flow for all age groups under U11)
  • Ages for 2023 Summer 4-on-4 are based on the 2022/2023 minor hockey levels:
    • U8 – 2015
    • U9 – 2014
    • U10 – 2013
    • U11 – 2012
    • U12 – 2011
    • U13 – 2010
    • U14 – 2009
    • U15 – 2008
    • U18 – 2005-2007
  • 4-on-4 scrimmages are scheduled to avoid conflict with coinciding 3-on-3 scrimmages for players wishing to participate in both programs

Expected Game Days

Schedules vary by division. Specific team schedules to be released along with rosters released no later than June 23, 2023 via TeamSnap. See below for tentative game days for each division


DivisionDay of the Week
U8-U9 (2014-2015) CombinedSundays & the odd Wednesday
U10-U11 (2012-2013) CombinedSundays & the odd Wednesday
U12-U13 (2010-2011) CombinedSundays & the odd Wednesday
U14-U18 (2005-2009) CombinedSundays & the odd Wednesday


DivisionDay of the Week
U8-U9 (2014-2015) IntermediateSundays & the odd Thursday
U8-U9 (2014-2015) AdvancedSundays & the odd Thursday
U10-U11 (2012-2013) IntermediateSundays & the odd Thursday
U10 (2013) CompetitiveSundays & the odd Tues/Wed
U11 (2012) CompetitiveSundays & the odd Tues/Wed
U12-U13 (2010-2011) RecreationalSundays & the odd Thursday
U12 (2011) CompetitiveSundays & the odd Tues/Wed
U13 (2010) CompetitiveSundays & the odd Tues/Wed
U14-U15 (2008-2009) RecreationalSundays & the odd Thursday
U14-U15 (2008-2009) CompetitiveSundays & the odd Tues/Wed
U18 (2005-2007) OpenSundays & the odd Thursday


*** Please note that when registering, Monday and Saturdays at 12:00 AM are used as a placeholder day and time. Games will NOT be at 12:00 AM on Mondays and Saturdays and a schedule will be sent out closer to the start date.

DIVISIONS (Read Carefully)

***PLEASE NOTE: To uphold game pace and ensure an equal level of competition, ANY player who played competitive hockey during the 2022-2023 season is only permitted to register for the following divisions…

  • Combined (House and up)
  • Competitive (Comp B, A, AA, AAA)
  • Advanced (Comp A, AA,)

ANY player who was NOT on a competitive roster during the 2022-2023 season is only permitted to register for the following divisions…

  • Open (House C, B, A)
  • Recreational (House C, B, A)
  • Intermediate (House B, A)
  • Combined (House and up)

Registering for the wrong division can result in the loss of your spot. If you are unsure about the appropriate division for your child, please call 613-599-0222 or email [email protected] prior to completing your registration.



The whole purpose of Youth Leagues is to create a fun environment where our players can play amongst friends and meet new ones! We also believe that Youth Leagues a the perfect way for players to express their creativity and try new things while also keeping in touch with the game to prepare for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. In keeping with this mentality, we have a ZERO tolerance policy to on-ice/off-ice violence, aggression, offensive and discriminatory language and any form of abuse in general. This goes for players AND parents. Any such act that is deemed to be a violation of our League policy will be reviewed and met with the appropriate punishment (game ejection, game/multiple game suspension, League ban).


Goaltenders who register for Spring 4-on-4 will receive a 100% ice time guarantee with a fabulous development opportunity of facing MANY more shots than in any typical minor hockey setting. They will also receive ALL of the following exclusive benefits:

  • 100%+ ice time guarantee (only one goalie will ever be accepted per team, and priority access to play bonus scrimmages to cover for goalie absences at NO additional cost!)
  • Perfect attendance rewards: Goalie who play in 100% of their scheduled scrimmages will receive a $50 credit towards any Ottawa Senators Hockey Program. Goalies who only miss one (1) day in the season will receive a $25 credit. (terms and conditions apply)


  • All scrimmages to be played on full ice
  • All scrimmages are played in 24-minute blocks which includes warm-up + 22 minutes of action (with two games occupying a one-hour block of ice time).
  • The buzzer will sound every 90 seconds to signal a line change, so that all players receive equal ice time.
  • Scores are kept but not posted to reinforce the fun atmosphere this program presents.


This 4-on-4 program is sanctioned under Hockey Canada through HEO (Hockey Eastern Ontario). All participants who played in a registered minor hockey association during the 2022/23 season are fully covered under this sanctioning. Any participant who did not play in a registered minor hockey association is required to purchase the HEO Sanctioning fee at the time of registration.

Girls who are currently registered players within the OWHA are already insured by Hockey Canada and therefore are not required to pay the additional HEO sanctioning fee. Only in the case where the participant has not been registered with either of the OWHA or the HEO would you be required to pay the fee.


In order to ensure balanced teams, please be advised that only ONE (1) friend request will be accepted per participant. All one-to-one friend requests will be honoured by league administrators, as long as they are received prior to June 16th, 2023 . Requests may be completed during your registration. Any participants who request more than one friend will automatically void their submission. This policy will help the 4-on-4 league strive for fair and well-balanced teams, while allowing participants to meet new teammates!

Please note that circular friend requests will not be honoured. A one-to-one friend request is valid when Player A requests to play with Player B and Player B requests to play with Player A. A circular request (that will not be honoured) is when Player A requests to play with Player B, Player B requests to play with Player C, and Player C requests to play with Player A. All three of the requests in the circular example will be automatically voided.


Program administrators will use information provided during registration (level played during the 2022-23 season) to create teams of equal skill level at the start of the season. During the first four weeks of the program, each team will be evaluated by our staff. Balancing moves will be made in order to ensure all teams are as equal as possible. These balancing moves will be made in such a way that friend requests are continuously honored throughout the season.


If your desired division is full, you can fill out our waitlist form here to secure your place on our Waitlist!


Please call 613 599 0222, or email [email protected] for more information regarding the program.


Read our Refund & Cancellation Policy