League Overview:

After a successful Summer AAA League played during August we are excited to host the 2020 Sensplex September AAA League which will continue to support the local hockey community in our collective return to hockey during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The framework for this league was built carefully after consultation with government officials, competitive hockey parents, and coaches from our region; all with the goal of coming up with a plan that meets the needs of public health and safety, AND that gets kids playing hockey again. 

Please note that this league will not continue beyond September in recognition of the resumption of minor hockey association programming.

League Information:

  • League games will be played over the course of three weekends in September. Sep 11-13, Sep 18-20, Sep 25-27.
  • Teams will play a combined total of 12 games, concluding with a league championship weekend. Teams will play four games per weekend.
  • Divisions targeted will be: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, Girls 2011, Girls 2009, Girls 2007, Girls 2005.
  • Games will be played 4-on-4 skaters + goalie on full ice for all divisions, with the exception of Pre-Novice 2013 which will be played 3-on-3 + goalie on half ice.
  • Rosters are limited to a maximum of 11 players (skaters and goalies combined). Rosters may not be altered at any point during the season. Teams are not required to dress the maximum number of players per game. That is at the discretion of each team. If players are forced to miss game(s), they may not be replaced by anyone other than those on your original league roster. For this reason, we recommend having at least 10 players on your roster (including any substitutes who may be needed).
  • Teams will play in divisions of no more than four teams, to ensure that the total number of players in each division does not exceed 50 (per government regulations). This means that space in this league will be extremely limited, and in high demand. Some divisions may operate with as few as three teams.
  • The total cost to participate in this league will be $3,000 per team (all-inclusive).
  • In order to ensure safety for all players in the league, teams in the league are not permitted to play in out-of-town tournaments. Any player who participates in an out-of-town tournament will not be permitted to play in this league until 14 days have passed, or a negative COVID-19 test is produced.
  • A maximum of two coaches and a minimum of one certified trainer must be on each bench. At least one certified coach must provide an NCCP Coaching Number on their application and be present for all games.
  • Proof of team insurance must be provided electronically before each team’s first game.
  • In addition to previously established COVID-19 screening procedures, any person who has attended an event or gathering (including sports tournament) other than those which are permitted under Ontario’s current re-opening phase will not be admitted into a Sensplex facility.
  • Teams who participate in this league, will not be permitted to participate in games against other teams, outside of this league.
  • Before participating, players should ensure that their home branch allows for participation in unsanctioned events for the duration of this league.

League Features:

  • All games will be played at one of our three premium Sensplex facilities (Bell, Cavanagh, Richcraft)
  • Parents can watch two ways!
    • One spectator per player will be allowed in the arena to watch games!
    • For those who are not able to come into the facility, the Sensplex has come to an agreement with Hockey TV to pay for the broadcast costs on behalf of the community; enabling all games to be streamed LIVE or on-demand for parents to watch in their own homes or on their mobile devices anytime.
  • Championship teams will receive prizing.

Game Format and Rules:

Games will be played using modified rules to reduce incidental contact, severely punish intentional contact, and promote physical distancing, while still making sure the game is very much “still hockey”.

  • 2006 to 2012 divisions will be played full-ice 4-on-4 (four skaters + 1 goaltender)
  • 2013 division will be played on a modified half-ice surface 3-on-3 (3 skaters + 1 goaltender)
  • No face-offs
  • A 90 second line change buzzer will be used only for the 2012-2013 division, while other divisions will complete line changes as desired.
  • Teams will not change ends mid-game to avoid unnecessary two-way traffic near bench areas

Questions – send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 613-599-0227.