Take control of your edges during this eight-week program that breaks down the fundamental components of skating efficiency, power, balance, and agility, combined with advanced hockey-specific station work which will enhance the skills of any player!

Drop in arrangements are available. To drop-in for a session, please register online under the “DROP” option for your specified division/date (drop-in options will be posted at a later date and are subject to limited availability). Participants are also able to register online while the course is in progress, as the online amount will continuously be updated to reflect the pro-rated cost for the remaining sessions (should space be available.) Please email or call us at [email protected] or 613-599-0222 with any questions.

This program consists of one hour of ice time a week, in which skaters will rotate through stations led by our Head of Hockey Development or Head Hockey Instructor, and either Mary Yarush or one of our lead figure skating instructors. 

  • Stations will include work on using all four edges of your skate blades, full-stride extension, recovery, balance, pivots, crossovers, tight turns, backwards skating, agility, and stops, as well as shooting, puck control, and other essential hockey skills.
  • Hockey-specific drills will push skaters outside their comfort zones, challenging them to learn effective skating techniques along with proper body and stick positioning in drills that replicate game situations. Concepts introduced will include under handling, puck protection, off-balance shooting, and more.
  • Instant feedback and correction will be provided in small group sizes, where the ratio will not exceed 1:4 (4 participants to each instructor).
  • As this program involves advanced drills, applications are subject to review to ensure suitability for the program

Program Dates and Times

FALL 2020

  • Saturdays September & October dates TBD 
    • 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

Miscellaneous Information


  • Ages 7-8 Novice – born 2011-2012
  • Ages 9-10 Atom – born 2009-2010
  • Ages 11-12 Peewee – born 2007-2008
  • Ages 13-14 Bantam – born 2005-2006


All of our hockey programs require full equipment to be provided by the parent/guardian. No child shall participate without: Hockey skates, CSA- approved helmet (with cage), neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, jock or jill, shin pads, hockey gloves and a hockey stick. Mouth guards are optional.


Please call 613 599 0222, or email [email protected] for more information regarding schedule. E-mails with scheduling and general information go out one week prior to the start date.

Refund Policy: Read our Refund & Cancellation Policy.

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