There is no better way for kids to have fun learning how to skate than with everybody’s favorite mascot: Sparty!

The Sparty Learn 2 Skate Camp will work to achieve success in all six (6) of the levels listed below.

LEVEL 1– Falling down
– Getting up
– Balancing on two feet
– Turning on the spot
– Skating forwards (walking)
LEVEL 2– Forward 2 foot glide
– Forward sculling (bubbles)
– Forward sliding touching toes
– Backward skating (walking)
– Forward stopping (snowplow, 1/2 snowplow)
LEVEL 3– Backward sculling (bubbles)
– 2 foot turn, forward to backwards
– Forward 1 foot glide (both feet)
– Backward stopping (snowplow, 1/2 snowplow)
– Skating forwards – 2 foot jump
LEVEL 4– 5 consecutive crossovers
– 2 foot glide to 1 foot
– 2 foot jump (forward-backward & backward-forward)
– Backward skating
– Forward to backward skating on circle
LEVEL 5– Back crossovers (walking)
– 5 consecutive crossovers
– Forward to backward sculling
– 2 foot jump (forward – back & back to forward)
– 2 foot turning on a curve
LEVEL 6– 2 foot side stop both ways
– Slalom forward and backward
– Backward gliding on curve (1 foot)
– Inside edges forward
– Consecutive back crossovers

Please note that we will have at least one bilingual instructor with each camp group at the Richcraft Sensplex to accommodate all participants.


  • Skates
  • CSA approved helmet with full cage is mandatory
  • Gloves are mandatory
  • Long pants and long sleeves are mandatory
  • Athletic pants are recommended


If your child is finishing up with our current learn to skate program or a similar program elsewhere, it’s time to think about moving them to the next level! Once a child graduates from the Sparty Learn 2 Skate program, they are encouraged to take the next steps in our Intro 2 Hockey Camp, which takes place at both the Bell Sensplex & Richcraft Sensplex. The Intro 2 Hockey program is quite simply the best way to introduce little ones to the world’s greatest game!

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