The finest spring hockey program in the Ottawa-Gatineau region with streams for elite (spring AAA) and recreational male and female players from Pre-Novice to Minor Bantam featuring professional coaches and a fully-integrated program which includes league play, tournament play, skill development, and off-ice training from the regions leaders in each domain.

Sensplex facilities are currently closed to the public until June 30. We are pleased to announce that much our our program will remain intact subject to being able to safely return to the ice in early July as currently expected. Updated program details are below

2020 SEASON DETAILS (Modified due to COVID-19 Pandemic):

  • 2006 to 2010 Teams: May 4 to July 3 -> 27 FitQuest Sessions (an increase from 10 planned sessions): 18 Live Sessions with Elite FitQuest Trainers delivered online with each full team together + 9 Recorded Sessions to be done by each athlete on their own. – confirmed
  • 2011 to 2013 Teams: May 11 to July 2 -> 16 Live Only FitQuest Sport Fundamentals sessions + at least five Online SSHD At-Home Skills sessions with live coaching and feedback (up from the 5-6 off-ice team activities originally planned). – confirmed
  • July 2 to August 9 (approx) -> 8 to 12 practices with a split of 8-10 focused on advanced individual skill development and 2 to 3 on team tactics
  • July 17-19 (or August 14-16) & August 1-3 -> Two local tournaments (including the Inaugural Sensplex Community Cup and the SSHD AAA home tournament; the Senators AAA Spring Cup
  • July 2 to August 30 -> 15 split-team practices focusing on advanced individual skills – confirmed
  • July & August -> 16 to 20 game Senators Summer 4-on-4 League games – TBD
  • More TBD

All of our 2010 to 2006 teams (Minor Atom through Minor Atom) will enjoy formal workouts performed as a team and run online by the professional trainers at FitQuest, for nine consecutive weeks beginning May 4. All of our 2011 to 2013 teams (Pre-Novice to Major Novice) will enjoy formal sport fundamental sessions run online by professional trainers at FitQuest, for eight consecutive weeks beginning May 12.

Looking for a spring hockey team for your son or daughter? Interested in spending your spring hockey dollars on professional development with industry experts instead of on gas, hotels, and meals for out of town travel? If you’re serious about using the spring to give your player the best possible development boost, and they are considered to be one of the most focused, coachable, and hard-working players on their team, then we have a great opportunity for them and you.

The Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs are proud to announce the return of the Senators Spring Hockey Development Program featuring weekly skill development, team practices (spring AAA program only), free flowing league games, and the very best run spring tournaments available in our region. 

The Senators Spring Hockey Development Program is the perfect answer to provide players with additional skill development, fun, and the competitive-minded push they need before they head into an off-season of other activities. The SSHD AAA program focuses on skill development, lead by our professional full-time coaches from the Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs, exciting non-traditional league games through the Ottawa Senators Spring Youth Leagues (4 on 4), and the best possible tournament experiences operated by Sensplex Tournaments; all without the added expense and commitment of travelling to out of town events (*2007-2008 teams MAY participate in one out of town tournament subject to parent and coach ratification).

Coaching staff will be led by professional full-time coaches and skill instructors, including Sens Hockey Programs Head of Hockey Development Jesse Hale, Head Hockey Instructor and Sr Player Development Specialist Hanna Turpeinen, Head Hockey Instructor Michael Xhignesse, Lead Goaltending Instructor Scott Greenham, Director of Hockey programs Andy Bryan, and more. Click here to see bios of key club staff and the list of Team Head Coaches by level.

2020 SSHD AAA Roster Announcements

As each team roster nears completion, the list of chosen players will be posted here.

Team Head Coach Applications
All Team Head Coaches for the 2020 season have now been named. Applications will continue to be accepted for those looking to gain experience working with a professional development organization by contributing in an assistant’s role. Email Club Director, Andy Bryan and Club Head Coach, Jesse Hale to express interest.

Already have your own team or wish to manage and recruit a group of talented and hard-working players on your own? Full details are now available for download for those looking to build their own SSHD AAA team to receive a list of unparalled benefits by becoming a part of the organization.

The Ottawa Senators Spring Hockey Development Program is open to all abilities, however only competitive players capable of playing at a Spring AAA level will participate in the competitive stream.

Program Features

(pre-novice 2013 will feature a modified version of the Novice program indicated)

Competitive ‘AAA’ Program (Bell Sensplex
Headquarters with some Cavanagh & Richcraft Sensplex ice)
Recreational “Affiliate” Program (Bell &
15 to 16 hours of practice – feat. combination
of skill development & team tactical practices
14 hours of individual skill development
11 hours of youth league play (22 games of Ottawa Senators Spring Youth League) 11 hours of youth league play (22 games of Ottawa Senators Spring Youth League)
10 off-ice team training sessions (1 hr each) led by Senators NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach Chris Schwarz’s FitQuest Trainers (Atom, Peewee or Bantam teams); or six off-ice training and team building sessions led by SSHD Club Staff (Novice teams) Ottawa Senators Youth League jersey and Senators Spring Hockey Development practice jersey.
Pre-tournament exhibition games (exact number TBD at coaches discretion) Choice of Bell Sensplex or Richcraft Sensplex for all development ice sessions and league play
15 games minimum of tournament play with entrance into three (3) Local Spring AAA Tournaments hosted at the Sensplex Facilities (Capital Spring AAA Roundup, Ottawa Senators Spring Cup, Capital Victoria Day Classic) NO OUT OF TOWN TOURNAMENTS* to save parents time and money
(*07 & 08 Teams MAY participate in one additional tournament out of town subject to parent approval after teams are formed)
3 to 4 hours & up to 8 games minimum of 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 fun day tournament play through the Capital Spring 4-on-4 Tournament (Bell Sensplex) and Summer Breakaway 3-on-3 Tournament (Richcraft Sensplex).
2 player classroom sessions (focusing on SSHD AAA expectations, high-performance habits, club style of play, and more) 1 SSHD player only practice and play session with top OSHP instructors
1 SSHD team social and meal in Stanley’s
Ottawa Senators Youth Leagues Jersey, Senators Spring Hockey team gear, including use of INCREDIBLE home & away jerseys and pant shells, and performance work out gear to keep. Additional features to be announced
1 club season kick-off social event
1 club season wrap-up awards banquet
(where SSHD AAA Athletes of the Year will be named)
Applications are encouraged from hard-working, focused, quality athletes who play Rep B, A, AA, AAA (and Novice House A) Affiliate stream is open to players IP to Peewee of all skill levels

ATTENTION GOALIES! Senators Spring Hockey Development goaltenders will be coached by former professional goaltender  (AHL, ECHL) and Senators prospect Scott Greenham, delivering unmatched value with the best possible development opportunity for those goalies who select and then qualify for our program!

AAA Stream Information

Eligibility (Is this program right for your athlete?):

The Senators Spring AAA Hockey Development Club is exclusively for those players and parents who are serious about their development. Our players are expected to be some of the most hard-working, focused, disciplined, and coachable in youth hockey. Players must be capable of playing at a competitive spring hockey level and of being pushed to perform to the best of their abilities in all games and practices. All players must also have a proven track record of being good teammates, and being respectful to coaches, officials, and the opposition. Our goal is to have highly competitive teams at each level with all club members being good players and good people. Players who have had discipline or behavioural issues with their minor hockey coaches are asked to refrain from applying to the SSHD program. Parents are expected to be positive influences who fully support all players and coaches in their development-first, team-first approach.

At all times, players, coaches, and parents must represent the Senators organization with class and pride.

Please note that due to immense interest in the SSHD AAA program and the high number of players being evaluated, only players who are currently playing competitive hockey should apply for our 2006 to 2010 teams (Minor Atom and above). House league players are encouraged to register for the recreational stream.

SSHD AAA Skill Developments Dates:

Senators Spring AAA Hockey Development Teams will practice weekly on either Tuesday or Wednesday evening. All weekday development sessions, off-ice training and activities, and classroom sessions will take place at the Bell Sensplex (West Ottawa). Team schedules, including specific practice times, will be released no later than March 1, 2020.

The following split will be used for mid-week advanced skill development practices for the 2020 season:
2013 – Tuesdays
2012 – Tuesdays
2011 – Wednesdays
2010 – Tuesdays
2009 – Wednesdays
2008 – Wednesdays
2007 – Wednesdays
2006 – Wednesdays

Tuesdays will run for ten consecutive weeks from March 24 to May 26.
Wednesdays will run for ten consecutive weeks from March 25 to May 27.

A minimum of five additional weekend ice-times will be released with the team schedule and can take place at any of our three state-of-the-art facilities; the Bell Sensplex (West Ottawa), Richcraft Sensplex (East Ottawa) or Cavanagh Sensplex (Kinburn).

SSHD AAA Additional Required Practice Dates:

March 29: All teams
April 5: All teams
April 13: All teams
April 19: 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007
April 26: 2013, 2012, 2010, 2006
May 3: 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007
May 10: 2012, 2010, 2008, 2006
May 18: 2013
May 24: All teams except 2013

SSHD AAA Spring Competitive / Advanced Youth League Dates:

All dates have now been added to the youth leagues pages found here (both Bell Sensplex & Richcraft Sensplex options exist):
Ottawa Senators Spring 4-on-4 League
Ottawa Senators Spring 3-on-3 League

SSHD AAA Tournament Dates (subject to change):

April 17-19 Capital Spring AAA Roundup: 2013, 2012, 2010, 2006
April 24-26 Capital Spring AAA Roundup: 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007
May 1-3 Senators AAA Spring Cup: 2012, 2010, 2008, 2006
May 8-10 Senators AAA Spring Cup: 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007
May 16-18 (Sat to Mon) Capital Victoria Day Classic: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006
May 22-24 OSHP Pre-Novice Spring Shootout: 2013
* possible additional tournament for 2007 and 2008 teams TBA

Evaluation Process (Updated for 2020!):

Based on the success of the 2019 season and increased demand for players to join the SSHD AAA club, evaluations are taking place earlier this year. This is to allow for an extended recruitment period and for players to be informed of their status as soon as possible for planning purposes. Players will be confirmed or released from teams as soon as an adequate evaluation has taken place. As a result, players should register immediately to begin the evaluation process. Only those players deemed to be capable of playing at a competitive Spring AAA level and are a good fit to represent our brand, will be selected. This means that spots will remain available until a full roster has been set. There is no expected timeline for this process to be complete and it will vary by age level (i.e. teams rosters could be announced as “complete” at any time).

Evaluations are now underway and will continue until all teams are formed. Players are NOT expected or encouraged to miss their regular sanctioned team activities. We believe your Hockey Canada team comes first. Conflicts should be communicated to club staff (e-mail: [email protected]) who will work to find alternative evaluation times as they deem necessary. In some cases, player evaluations will be arranged with SSHD club staff where conflicts exist. ALL Players must submit their registration (application) now in order to be considered and evaluated. Once a player is registered, club staff will work with parents to ensure each player is adequately evaluated for a decision to be made.

Pre-Novice (2013) evaluations have begun and will continue through the winter until all spots have been awarded. Players are encouraged to apply ASAP for consideration into.

Payment plans:

Typical spring hockey teams focus on playing games in many tournaments versus maintaining a focus on skill development and using the relatively short spring season to give players the skill boost that can TRULY help them for the next season before they take a break for other sports, activities, off-season workouts, or simply downtime. As a result, their costs are anywhere from $500 to $700 in team fees, plus another thousand dollars for every out of town tournament they attend. When comparing costs, please note that the full cost of this program goes into the professional skill and off-ice development, local tournament fees, 4-on-4 league entry, uniforms, and other superior value-added features that each player receives. This program not only costs less than most spring hockey, but offers a flexible payment plan to ease the burden on family budgets.

  • Pre-Novice – $360 (Deposit upon registration), $250 (March 1), $250 (April 1), $250 (May 1)
  • Novice – $380 (Deposit upon registration), $350 (March 1), $350 (April 1), $350 (May 1)
  • Atom/Peewee/Bantam – $380 (Deposit upon registration), $400 (March 1), $400 (April 1), $400 (May 1)
  • The $60 or $80 evaluation fee is included in deposit amounts above. The full amount is non-refundable should your player be selected for the SSHD AAA program. If they are not selected, the FULL amount (less the evaluation fee) is refundable or may be placed as a credit on file towards the SSHD rec/affiliate stream or another Ottawa Senators Hockey Program (PEP, Weekly Skills, Camps, Youth Leagues, and more).


  • More affordable than most spring hockey programs due to the $800-900 savings per out of town tournament weekend, along with a convenient payment plan. The cost is invested into the program features and professional development instead.
  • High value spring hockey program with over 50 team activities included over an incredibly convenient schedule which allows for other sports or activities.
  • Pre-Novice – $1,110 ($1,050 team fee + $60 evaluation fee) – Only $360 due with application
  • Novice – $1,430 ($1,350 team fee + $80 evaluation fee) – Only $380 due with application
  • Atom/Peewee/Bantam$1,580 ($1,500 team fee + $80 evaluation fee) – Only $380 due with application


  • Pre-Novice (2013)
  • Minor Novice (2012)
  • **Major Novice (2011) Black & Red
  • ***Minor Atom (2010) Black, Red & White
  • Major Atom (2009)
  • Minor Peewee (2008)
  • *Major Peewee (2007)
  • *Minor Bantam (2006)

*Major Peewee (2007) & Minor Bantam (2006) teams will feature body-checking instruction and will be competing in body-checking tournaments.
**Major Novice (2011) age level will feature two teams which will be divided into a Black and Red team with the players named to each to be done at the discretion of SSHD AAA hockey staff.

***Minor Atom (2010) age level will feature three teams due to an incredibly high number of capable competitive players who have applied. It will be divided into a Black, Red, and White team with the players named to each to be done at the discretion of SSHD AAA hockey staff.

Youth League Games Included

Why does the program include 4-on-4 league games as well as 5-on-5 tournaments, as opposed to playing ALL traditional hockey?
By removing one or more players from the ice, the game becomes much quicker and free-flowing which allows players to play a more creative game and heighten their spatial awareness and decision making skills. Our 4-on-4 league games opens up a new style of play and encourages players to skate outside their comfort zone. The Ottawa Senators Youth Leagues provide a fun, unique, and highly valuable development environment for skaters and goalies.  We believe this league is the perfect compliment to our weekly individual and team development practices by giving them a weekly gameday (even on non-tournament weeks) adding to our already impressive program content.
Note for 2013 SSHD AAA Players: 2013 Players will be enrolled in the half-ice IP Advanced 3-on-3 League at their choice of the Bell Sensplex or Richcraft Sensplex.

SSHD AAA Jerseys

All teams will wear the Red (away) and White (home), other than the our Novice Black team who will wear Black as their away uniform.

SSHD AAA Team Gear

Each and every aspect of the SSHD AAA program is professional quality, and the apparel and other team gear that each player, parent, or fan has access to is no exception. Full details and convenient ordering are available now through our partners at Gadar Promotions by visiting the online store here.

Skill Development Dates for Affiliate / Recreational Stream – CANCELLED FOR 2020 DUE TO COVID-19:

Senators Spring Hockey Development affiliate team members will practice weekly on either Monday or Tuesday (location dependent). 


IP & Fundamentals

  • Tuesday, Mar 24, 31, Apr 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12
  • Tuesday, May 26, June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30


  • Monday, Mar 23, 30, Apr 6, 20, 27, May 4, 11, 19*
  • Tuesday, May 26, June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

IP & Fundamentals

  • Tuesday, Mar 24, 31, Apr 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19
  • Tuesday, May 26, June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30


  • Tuesday, Mar 24, 31, Apr 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19
  • Tuesday, May 26, June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

SSHD Rec Stream Tournament Dates:

Senators Spring Hockey Development Affiliate / Recreational stream members will participate in two separate fun day tournaments.

June 5-6 – Capital Spring 4-on-4 Tournament at the Bell Sensplex
June 13 – Summer Breakaway 3-on-3 Tournament at the Richcraft Sensplex

SSHD Recreational Stream Total Cost: $960 – $300 (Deposit upon registration), $250 (March 1), $250 (April 1), $160 (May 1)


  • Age 6 Pre-Novice – born 2013
  • Age 7 Minor Novice – born 2012
  • Age 8 Major Novice – born 2011
  • Age 9 Minor Atom – born 2010
  • Age 10 Major Atom – born 2009
  • Age 11 Minor Peewee – born 2008
  • Age 12 Major Peewee – born 2007
  • Age 13 Minor Bantam – born 2006


All of our hockey programs require full equipment to be provided by the parent/guardian. No child shall participate without: Hockey skates, CSA-approved helmet (with cage), neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, jock or jill, shin pads, hockey gloves and a hockey stick. Mouth guards are optional.


Please call 613 599 0222, or email [email protected] for additional information.

Refund Policy:Read our Refund & Cancellation Policy.