This tournament will raise funds for local food cupboards who have been instrumental in helping our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Date: Friday April 9th, 2021 to Sunday April 11th, 2021

Category: Spring/Summer AAA Hockey

Boys: 2014 – 2006 Girls: 2012, 2010, 2008


Boys: 2014 – 2010 $1,384.96 + HST ($1,565.00 Total)

Boys 2009 – 2008 $1,469.03 + HST ($1,660.00 Total)

Boys 2007 – 2006 $1,482.30 + HST ($1,675.00 Total).

Girls 2012 & 2010 $1,384.96 + HST ($1,565.00 Total)

Girls 2008 $1,469.03 + HST ($1,660.00 Total)

Games Per Team5 GAME MINIMUM for all teams!

Note for 2014 teams: It is currently our intention to play games in a half ice format, though this may change, should COVID-19 protocols require.

***Please note format of Tournament may be changed based on restrictions due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic***

COVID-19 Special Rules

  • Pending COVID-19 regulations, roster sizes may be limited. Host SSHD teams may be permitted to have larger rosters.
  • Games will be played with regular hockey rules – full ice and 5-on-5, with the exception of the 2014 division, which will be played 4-on-4 and half ice.
  • Pending COVID-19 regulations, body checking will be allowed at the following divisions only: Boys 2008 D2, Boys 2007, Boys 2006.
  • Spectators may be limited in the building to one person per player.
  • Teams may be required to play all their games within a “bubble” of 4 total teams. This is to adhere to the 50 person limit for competition.

As the tournament approaches, more specific COVID-19 rules and regulations will be shared with your team.

Divisions will be tiered using one of the following methods:

  • Separate divisions of play (ex. D2 and D3) for the entirety of the tournament (round robin and playoffs). Teams should indicate if they are a D2 or D3 team when they apply (e.g. mostly Tier I players, or mostly Tiers II/III players)
  • One division of play for all teams should that be determined as the best option


2014: 4-on-4 games, 3 minute warm-up & 2 x 22.5 minute run-time periods. A 90 second shift buzzer will be in use at the 2014 level.

2013 – 2010 divisions,: 3×12 minute stop time periods.

2009-2006 divisions: 2×12, 1×15 minute stop time periods.


Hosted by Capital Sports Management, this hockey tournament is hosted at the state-of-the-art Bell and Richcraft Sensplex facilities. Here are just some features of the Sensplex Community Cup. Here are just some features of the this great event:

  • Great competition
  • Best facility anywhere for tournaments
  • Fantastic hotels, shopping, and amenities within 3-minutes of the tournament headquarters
  • Returning after great reviews – Sensplex Tournaments is pleased to continue our partnership with HockeyTV. HockeyTV is a subscription based service that broadcasts all games played at the Bell and Richcraft Sensplex both live and on-demand. 

IMPORTANT: Teams must be able to begin play at 8 a.m. on Friday, April 11th.

INSURANCE: Teams should have liability coverage for their organization and proof of Insurance will be required upon check-in. For teams looking for affordable hockey insurance options, consider IPlayhockey which provides insurance for many AAA teams throughout Ottawa and beyond. For more information, contact: Shawn Perrier at 613-745-1352/888-361-1352 or [email protected]

Hudson Travel Group is the exclusive travel partner for all Sensplex Tournaments. Please note that it is a condition of acceptance for out-of-town teams to book accomodations through this means. Accommodations for all events at the Sensplex facilities will be arranged on your behalf by Kelly Dooley at [email protected] or 1-800-668-5596. This will ensure your team the lowest rates on a FULL range of area hotels!

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