There is no better way for kids to have fun learning how to skate than with everybody’s favorite mascot: Sparty! Register now – space is limited!

Key Details

Birth Years 2011 to 2015
Cost $129

Bell Sensplex – Week 2 (July 8-12)1:15 PM- 2:15 PM 

Richcraft Sensplex – Week 3 (July 15-19)11:00 AM- 12:00 PM  

  • After the huge demand for our sold out​ Sparty Learn 2 Skate Program run as part of our weekly skill development programs during the 2018-2019 season, we are excited to provide this experience to even more skaters in a week-long camp setting during the Summer of 2019!
  • A terrific way to begin learning how to skate, or to get some extra skating development before joining a summer hockey camp.
  • The Sparty Learn 2 Skate Camp features:
    • Qualified skating instructors with the expertise needed to coach your child through the program’s six levels
      • Level Six progresses all the way to two-foot side stops and crossovers
        • See below for a full breakdown of the program’s levels.
      • Level One starts with falling down & getting up, balancing on two feet, turning on the spot, and skating forwards (walking)
  • Each participant will receive a Sparty Certificate at the completion of the session to celebrate the new skills that they have learned.
  • 50 minutes per class (plus an off-ice warm up).
  • Each player will receive instruction that will increase their confidence on the ice and their enjoyment of skating.
  • Our lesson plans are designed to be FUN for all participants and feature great instructor-to-participant ratios in order to ensure proper support for all skaters.
  • Register for the Sparty Learn 2 Skate Camp

Please note that we will have at least one bilingual instructor with each camp group at the Richcraft Sensplex to accommodate all participants.


If your child is finishing up with our current learn to skate program or a similar program elsewhere, it’s time to think about moving them to the next level. There are six levels to achieve in the Sparty Learn 2 Skate program. These levels are outlined below. Once a child graduates from, or reaches the upper levels of the Sparty Learn 2 Skate program, they are encouraged to take the next step which is to join the Ottawa Senators Intro 2 Hockey Camp, which takes place at the Bell Sensplex & Richcraft Sensplex. The Intro 2 Hockey program is quite simply the best way to introduce little ones to the world’s greatest game!

Please call (613) 599-0222 to register by phone.



  • Falling down
  • Getting up
  • Balancing on two feet
  • Turning on the spot
  • Skating forwards (walking)


  • Forward 2 foot glide
  • Forward sculling (bubbles)
  • Forward sliding touching toes
  • Backward skating (walking)
  • Forward stopping (snowplow, 1/2 snowplow)


  • Backward sculling (bubbles)
  • 2 foot turn, forward to backwards
  • Forward 1 foot glide (both feet)
  • Backward stopping (snowplow, 1/2 snowplow)
  • Skating forwards – 2 foot jump


  • 5 consecutive crossovers
  • 2 foot glide to 1 foot
  • 2 foot jump (forward-backward & backward-forward)
  • Backward skating
  • Forward to backward skating on circle


  • Back crossovers (walking)
  • 5 consecutive crossovers
  • Forward to backward sculling
  • 2 foot jump (forward – back & back to forward)
  • 2 foot turning on a curve


  • 2 foot side stop both ways
  • Slalom forward and backward
  • Backward gliding on curve (1 foot)
  • Inside edges forward
  • Consecutive back crossovers

Equipment Needed

  • Skates
  • CSA approved helmet with full cage is mandatory
  • Gloves are mandatory
  • Long pants and long sleeves are mandatory
  • Athletic pants are recommended

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