2019 Summer Hockey Camps Off-Ice Curriculum

In addition to on-ice programming, we also offer exciting off-ice programming that focuses on enhancing the physical and mental development of every player. Depending upon the specific camp selected, off-ice activities may include:

  • Off-ice hockey specific training designed and delivered by Ottawa Senators Strength & Conditioning Coach Chris Schwarz and his FitQuest team (Bell Sensplex) and the Titan Performance Centre (Richcraft Sensplex)
    • Conditioning sessions may include proper streching, plyometrics, strength training, yoga, sprinting, hand-eye coordination, and more. Sessions will also include a "chalk talk" to emphasize the importance of habits like proper stretching, hydration, eating well, and more.
  • Classroom sessions designed by a certified teacher, with content that reinforces lessons learned on the ice
  • Ball hockey
  • Team sports that develop skills transferable to hockey (soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, etc.)
  • Teamwork & team-building activities (e.g. - teambuilding & icebreaker games)
  • Hand-eye coordination drills designed to enhance hockey skills

The off-ice amenities include a 20,000-square-foot indoor air-conditioned field (Bell Sensplex), beach volleyball courts (Bell Sensplex & Richcraft Sensplex), as well as access to outdoor sports fields, road hockey space, and meeting rooms used for classroom sessions (all facilities).




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